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Sheep & Wolves
Sheep & Wolves is a 2016 computer-animated fantasy-comedy film with a story containing elements of the fairytale “The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids” and the concepts of a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. It was directed by Maxim Volkov and Andrey Galat and stars Alexander Petrov as Grey, a young careless wolf who is wanted by the others in his pack to become their next leader. However, he turns into a ram after drinking a potion he received from a rabbit named Mami, which leads him to have to protect a herd of sheep from the wolf pack.
The English version of the film stars Tom Felton as the voice of Grey and also includes the talents of Ruby RoseJim Cummings, Rich Orlow, China Anne McClainRoss MarquandPeter LinzTyler Bunch, Jennie Grace, Alyson Leigh RosenfeldSarah NatochennyMarc ThompsonThomas Ian Nicholas, and JB Blanc.
Sheep and Wolves was released in Russian theaters on April 28, 2016. The film ranked in the top ten of the box offices of several nations.