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Idea VoLTE offers high-power voice service over 4G / LTE networks

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Idea VoLTE delivers high-definition voice services over 4G/ LTE network which makes voice sound more natural.

Idea Volte is partnering with several handset manufacturers to ensure availability of a wide range of Idea VoLTE capable devices in the market.
idea volte

Telecom’s main idea is to roll out of cellular six major markets – LTE or VoLTE services for customers in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Customers of the above states can get VoLTE technology from Wednesday. idea volte 

Idea VoLTE 4G / LTE Network provides high power voice services that make voice sound more natural than a standard voice call, to remove background noise. It offers fast call connectivity and better battery utilization. It also allows customers to interrupt 4G internet for a voice call.

Additionally, from 4G networks, Idea VoLTE users automatically access a radio voice call cap (SRVCC) through 3g / 2g networks, so that continuous call connectivity can be ensured.

“Introducing Concept VoLTE is a great milestone for our commitment to customers engaged in our commitment, and we aim to provide an enhanced call quality experience to our customers through this revolutionary new technology,” said Idea Cellular Chief Marketing Officer Shashi Shankar.

In addition, the idea is to be partnering with several handset manufacturer companies to ensure the availability of various concepts in the VoLTE market. There are some brands that honor, Xiaomi, Samsung, and OnePlus. Choose the devices made by this brand-concept will be built with Volte services.

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